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2012 qiu dong king-size coat the collocation of the agitation

2012-13 qiu dong, "super-sizing" single product become a new popular. Avoid accessories not to say, when you put on large number coat, let your profile become the focus of attention. Inspiration from the Stella McCartney, tight pants for a large number of cocoon form coat is a perfect partner, deduce a kind of elegant sharp contrast. Put on your large number coat, if think is going to be submerged, will at his side wear a belt ornaments. T stage, whether cocoon form hubble-bubble sleeve coat, jacket, broad leg pants or highly building feeling skirt, is transmitting the same "large" message. A bigger number is 2012 qiu dong on beautiful field transfer out of the new fashion information. Coat's shoulder line get longer, low crotch pants and in the T stage to go up. T stage to the model is hit to cause the self-confidence, strictly, the pursuit of streamline profile tomboy. If you are "large" fashion follower, this qiu dong, please enjoy yourself! Wear large number coat best method is from dad or boyfriend the wardrobe king-size coat for wear, whether fur coat or suit style large coat can be directly set of the upper part of the body, don't fit king-size has distinctive spell able and agile, wear to work, use of gas gets conquer rival. Walking in the street, boyfriend type of sexy will also make girls envy not yourself. Tie-in, if you want to sex appeal more, direct bare wear show slender legs is the most attractive look; If you want to wear a more professional, loose half skirt and hypertrophy suit trousers is the most grow collocation. In addition, today season design proportion and profile have the new adjustment, architectural style large jacket and tight leg pants or tall canister boots collocation, strong contrast contrast is this year qiu dong the collocation of the agitation.

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