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Imaginary diaoyu islands to the struggle of the three kinds of ending

Diaoyu islands is the immanent territory of China. Diaoyu islands by the Japanese actual control is the United States private phase caused by giving. Whether history or legal theory in China in the diaoyu islands dispute of moral superiority. For many years, China has suspended the ownership of the diaoyu islands dispute various strategic thinking, but now lay aside disputes dream has been Japan right wing forces and government's "purchase island" action broke. China in addition to counterattack no other retreat, shelve disputes should not or are no longer China's handling of the diaoyu island question basic policy. Nowadays, the situation has been developed to the point of imminent, diaoyu island crisis has been formed. There's an old Chinese saying, is must be must hide however. Since the crisis happened in advance and come, the Chinese government and people have to face them, and use this opportunity solve the diaoyu island question. Diaoyu island crisis end nothing more than there are three possibilities. One is to maintain the original state, namely diaoyu islands or actual control by Japan, Japan is with lip compromises, such as cancel or postpone purchase island decision and implementation. Secondly, both sides do not control the diaoyu islands, namely in the crisis escalated into the actual local conflict, the two sides in the course of political, economic and military contest, in the third party under the mediation, the parties compromise, achieve who also less than diaoyu islands to declare the sovereignty, and both parties do not control the diaoyu islands end. Third is to Japan by China strong political economic and military strike, homeopathy, Japan yield, China back diaoyu islands. From the current situation, the Japanese government seems to die the diaoyu islands, wild tian jia "don't want to cancel purchase island decision. If you don't increase of diplomatic pressure and attached by a certain military deterrence and economic sanctions, it is estimated that the Japanese won't compromise, China even the diplomatic victory is impossible. This will make the Chinese government in the diaoyu island question in the game of many points, big disgrace surface, the Chinese government is difficult to explain to people. Even if Japan in diplomacy to make some concessions, I believe that the vast majority of the Chinese people is not satisfactory. Because struggle along while, the results or lip service and real not, but further strengthen Japan diaoyu islands of the actual control. In this sense Chinese the first end whatever is not acceptable. To achieve the second possibility is conditional. The key is to both parties must use a lot of national strength, low intensity of military conflict, struggle to a certain seems to who also do not constitute an overwhelming superiority, both sides realize in the diaoyu islands problem don't stop must internecine. In this way, both sides can compromise, meet each other half way, to give up the actual control. For the Chinese, the end, although not recapture island, but change the diaoyu islands Japan actual control present situation, is a great victory. However, the end, and China's development situation and the public will and determination is not matched, and continue to give sino-japanese relations left hidden trouble. The author suggest, in view of current situation, the Chinese government must take the crisis as an opportunity to take advantage of an opportunity and for, the diaoyu islands to solve crisis into diaoyu islandtaiwan opportunities. First, to solve the diaoyu island question in China's Marine strategic consideration, make up your mind to kill "monkey" to "chicken" look. Second, "soldier half crossing can strike", the crisis into local conflicts, and Japan to play a game of "a quick battle". Third, to break the separation of political, economic and diplomatic strategy, to Japanese economic sanctions, let the Japanese government and people vital feel China's power. Fourth, the navy, HaiJian, enterprise, folk strength to follow up the follow-up measures to consolidate the results of live military struggle. Fifth, do the work of the United States, to remove the trouble back at home that day struggle. Opportunity knocks but once, the Chinese government must take advantage of an opportunity and for, do the right strategic decision.

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